As the auto segment reels into recession, the effects of a slow down are many and this reflects in the August Sales figures too. Moreover, for nine consecutive months, domestic auto sales continue to fall in August. But the new companies like Kia Motors and MG (Morris Garage) are performing well. But there are some points that Indian Users are missing in their Checklist before making their mind on which car manufacturer to choose from. Tata Motors has an upper hand in many points in the CheckList.

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Here are some reasons to Choose Tata Motors Cars from the competition:

1. The Build

  • Tata gets the steel for their cars from renowned steel manufactures Tata Steel, recognized by the government of India. The strength and durability of Tata Steel are unmatchable.
  • With Nexon being the only car bagging a 5-Star N-Cap Safety rating, concluding Tata cars are the winner when it comes to built quality.
  • Products from MG being a Chinese car cannot be relied upon, Good looks attract but never protects!

Have a Look at The crash test of Tata Nexon:

Owner of both Tata and Maruti Cars on The Built of the Vehicles:
Maruti cars deliver better mileage, or somewhat more refined* engines but it is to be said that Maruti Suzuki severely lags in build quality. Moreover, Maruti Suzuki has been reducing body weights of its cars massively by compromising on build quality to boost the mileage and lure the Indian buyers. But- when you say ‘Build Quality’, Tata takes the award with every time!
Source: Quora (Verified)

* Now Tata is using better engines, there were complaints about TATA engines initially but now they are offering some of the best engines in the market.

A Heavy pole fell on a Nexon and no one was hurt in the family:

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2. The Design:

At the Geneva International Motor Show this year, Tata Motors took to the stage to unveil 4 new vehicles that wore our Impact 2.0 design philosophy. Based on two new platforms – Alfa and Omega, they had an impressive four-car display that made a global debut. Coupled with this design approach and the new modular architecture, their vehicles are expected to drive down production costs and development time.

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