Johnny has a wonderful presence on the silver screen ever since he set foot in Hollywood. He has been nominated for 10 Golden Globe Awards, accomplishing one for Best Actor for his appearance in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2008) and has been nominated for three Academy Awards for Best Actor, among other accolades. You will surely agree with our picks of Top 10 Best Johnny Depp Movies. From 1985 Johnny Depp Movies are performing exceptionally well. Johnny Depp’s Movies made him become a teen idol. Have a look at Best Movies Johnny Depp is part of.

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Details of Best Johnny Depp Movies:

Johnny Depp’s movie’s best experience is when seen on a big screen. But they are fairly engaging when watched in the comfort of our home. He has proved his versatility and fearlessness by taking on some of the most eccentric characters in film history. Though the actor has suffered some notable flops in his career, he’s also seen his fair share of successes. Here are details of the best of Johnny Depp movies along with plot, trailer, critics review and poster.

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Edward Scissorhands

Release date: December 6, 1990 (Los Angeles)
Director: Tim Burton
Runtime: 105 min
Box office: $86 million
Starring: Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder
Genre(s): Drama, Fantasy, Romance

In this modern fairy tale, Edward is a gentle, naive creation with razor-sharp scissors for hands. When he is taken home by a kindly Avon lady live with her family, his adventure in the pastel paradise of Suburbia begins!

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Johnny was praised critically for his performance in Edward Scissorhands. This story is a delight to the eyes.

This movie and “what’s eating Gilbert Grape” has to be Johnny Depp’s best movies. Poor Edward is so innocent and gullible. One cannot help but fall in love with this kind delicate soul. He’s the type that you’d want to take home to mother.

Edward Scissorhands Poster

Finding Neverland

Release date: 28 January 2005 (India)
Director: Marc Forster
Running time:101 minutes
Box office: 11.68 crores USD
Starring: Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet
Based on: The Man Who Was Peter Pan – Allan Knee

Finding Neverland, Johnny Depp’s most compassionate roles, as he fathers a small family of precocious children, forges a strong bond with the young Freddie Highmore. Written by David Magee, based on the play The Man Who Was Peter Pan by Allan Knee,

Finding Neverland is the most inspirational child story of all time. The film earned seven nominations at the 77th Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Actor for Johnny Depp, and won for Best Original Score.

This proves the credibility of the movie and made it to the list of Johnny Depp movies.

The story also made hipe when Johnny Depp Memes went viral from a scene where father-son could be seen sharing an emotional talk.

finding neverland poster

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Initial release:10 July 2005 (USA)
Director:Tim Burton
Running time115 minutes
Box office:47.5 crores USD/ $475 million
Starring:Johnny Depp, Freddie Highmore

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Charlie, a young boy from an impoverished family, and four other kids win a tour of an amazing chocolate factory run by an imaginative chocolatier, Willy Wonka. An adaptation, this Johnny Depp movie faced both criticism and appreciation from the audience.

It depends on one’s individual taste whether he/she will hate or love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Any which way it is a visual delight to watch Johnny portray a perceptible character.

charlie and the chocolate factory poster

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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Release date: 3 December 2007 (USA)
Director: Tim Burton
Runtime: 116 min
Box office: 15.25 crores USD
Starring: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter
Awards:Golden Globe Award for Best Actor, Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, MORE

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Stephen Sondheim’s murderous musical classic about bloodthirsty revenge and crafty corpse disposal is staged in a recreated British pie shop. Sweeney Todd comes with a credible star cast. It is a critically acclaimed movie with numerous nominations around the globe.

Johnny Depp’s performance is amazing, perfect, and just so delightful. Not to mention his gorgeous singing voice that just suits the character.

Best of Johnny Depp Movies, sweeney todd poster

The Lone Ranger

Release date: 22 June 2013
Director: Gore Verbinski
Running time:149 minutes
Box office: 26.05 crores USD
Starring: Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, Tom Wilkinson
Based on: Lone Ranger – Fran Striker

Though a box office flop but Johnny Depp performed exceptionally well in the movie. The film stars Johnny Depp as Tonto, the narrator of the events and Armie Hammer as John Reid, the Lone Ranger.

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The movie is full of emotions, laughter, jokes and all. Lone Ranger is altogether a full package. Some of you may find it boring initially but trust me you’ll not be disappointed at the end of The Lone Ranger.

the lone ranger poster

Dark Shadows

Release date: 11 May 2012
Director: Tim Burton
Running time:113 minutes
Box office: 24.55 crores USD/$245.5 million
Starring: Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter
Based on: Based on‎: ‎Dark Shadows‎; by ‎Dan Curtis

Dark Shadows is a 2012 American fantasy horror comedy film. Jhonny Depp along with extremely beautiful and talented Michelle Pfeiffer and Helena Bonham Carter just took the movie to an entirely different tangent. The film performed disappointingly at the United States box office but did well in foreign markets. People loved this bloody & comical based on the television soap opera of the same name.

There is sparkling chemistry between Johnny Depp & Michelle Pfeiffer, which is a sweet treat. With an amazing storyline, this movie is a must on the list of Johnny Depp’s best movies.

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dark shadows poster

Pirates of the Caribbean (Whole Film Series)

The movie that made Johnny Depp reach all sections of the audience. Be it a 10 years Old Child in India or a 60 years Old Retiree from China. Audiences from every age group, sex, religion love to see their favorite pirate Jack Sparrow do stupid stuff. Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most successful series that has ever been produced. The movie made $4,524,358,182 in the worldwide market with a $1.274 billion budget. Proves how amazing this series is.


best of johnny depp movies

About The Movies:

The Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirate Jack & blacksmith Will rescue the kidnapped Elizabeth Swann from the cursed crew of Black Pearl.

Dead Man’s Chest

The wedding of Will and Elizabeth is interrupted. Turner is tasked to acquire the compass of Jack in a bid to find the Dead Man’s Chest.


best of johnny depp movies,


best of johnny depp movies,

About The Movies:

At World’s End

The crew of the Black Pearl rescue Captain Jack from Davy Jones’ Locker, then prepare to fight the East India Company,

On Stranger Tides

Captain Jack is joined by Angelica in his search for the Fountain of Youth, confronting the infamous pirate Blackbeard.


best of johnny depp movies,


best of johnny depp movies,

About The Movie:

Dead Men Tell No Tales

The newest addition to the film. Here Captain Jack Sparrow searches for the Trident of Poseidon while being pursued by an undead sea captain and his crew. Fun cameos, talented cast, and Sparrow’s familiar rum and innuendo-laden jokes, perfect family entertainer.


FilmRelease Date (US)Director(s)CollectionTrailer
The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)July 9, 2003 Gore Verbinski$654,264,015Click Here
Dead Man’s Chest (2006)July 7, 2006 Gore Verbinski$794,780,215Click Here
At World’s End (2007)May 25, 2007Gore Verbinski$963,420,425Click Here
On Stranger Tides (2011)May 20, 2011Rob Marshall$1,045,713,802Click Here
Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)May 26, 2017 Joachim
and Espen
$1,066,179,725 Click Here


Release date: April 10, 2014
Director: Wally Pfister
Running time:119 minutes
Box office: $103 million
Starring: Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Rebecca Hall
Written by: Jack Paglen

The unimaginable background score, emotions, acting and the cinematography makes it feature in the list of best of Johnny Depp movies.

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Another remarkable performance from Johnny. This movie is a perfect suspense thriller to make your mind go topsy-turvy. If you are into movies with technology then this Johnny Depp Movie is what you should go for.

Best of Johnny Depp Movies, Transcendence poster

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Alice in the Wonderland & Alice Through the Looking Glass

List of Johnny Depp movies from this series:

  1. Alice in the Wonderland
  2. Alice Through the Looking Glass

Based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll, Production company Walt Disney Pictures once again gave Johnny Depp a movie that matches his caliber. Johnny Depp in the role of Hatter gained all the appreciation for his hard work. At the 83rd Academy Awards, Alice in Wonderland won Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design and was also nominated for Best Visual Effects.

Alice in the Wonderland Alice Through the Looking Glass
Release date: February 25, 2010May 10, 2016
Director: Tim BurtonJames Bobin
Running time:108 minutes113 minutes
Box office: $1.025 billion$299.5 million
Starring: Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham CarterJohnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Mia Wasikowska
TrailerClick Here Click Here


best of johnny depp movies,

About The Movies:

1. Alice in Wonderland

Story of a nineteen-year-old told that she can restore the White Queen to her throne, with the help of the Mad Hatter. The only one who can slay a dragon-like creature controlled by the Red Queen.

2. Alice Through the Looking Glass

A magical glass takes Alice back to Wonderland, where she finds that the Mad Hatter is acting madder than usual and wants to discover the truth about his family. Alice then travels through time to save the Hatter before time runs out.


best of johnny depp movies,

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Fantastic Beasts series

List of Johnny Depp movies from Fantastic Beasts series:

  1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  2. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

What is the result of the fusion between the wizardry world of Harry Poter and the sheer talent of Johnny Depp? The answer is the Fantastic Beasts series. Here we can see Johnny play a dark role of Gellert Grindelwald. This series is a prequel of Harry Potter. Consisting all your favorite characters from Harry Poter along with the magical performance of Johnny Depp.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
Release date: 10 November 2016 8 November 2018
Director: David YatesDavid Yates
Running time:133 minutes134 minutes
Box office: $814 million$653.8 million
Starring: Johnny Depp, Eddie Redmayne, Katherine WaterstonJohnny Depp, Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston
TrailerClick HereClick Here

1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:

This movie will be a cherry on the cake to all the Potterheads. With a new story, history & suspense it’s an insanely great experience to watch.

The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie is incredibly enjoyable! Rowling’s magical world is as alluring and fun as the previous ones. The best thing about this movie is exactly that. Exploring this world.

The film was nominated for five BAFTAs, including Best British Film, winning for Best Production Design. Along with that, it was nominated for two Academy Awards, winning for Best Costume Design, becoming the first Wizarding World film to win an Academy Award. Proves the credibility of the movie.

Though Johnny has very little to do in the movie. But a must watch to build on the story.

fantastic beasts and where to find them poster

2. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Here we can see daredevil Johnny Bring down the house with his brilliant performance. Complementing him are darker themes, fantastic action sequences, and creative world-building that David Yates built.

It received mixed reviews from critics, who praised its entertainment value, as well as the direction and performances (particularly from Law and Depp).

The plot follows Newt Scamander and Albus Dumbledore as they attempt to take down the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald while facing new threats in a more divided wizarding world.

Here Jhonny was seen carrying the story forward with his unmatched charm, revealing some of the most crucial characters of the movie. The story orbited around the buildup of his character along with some others and ended with a big revelation that generated a lot of buzzes. Watch and find out yourself.

Best of Johnny Depp Movies, crimes of grindelwald poster