Asim Riaz vs Sidharth Shukla: Analyse who is right and how others are using the situation!

To be fair social media is equally divided into half. Both Sid and Asim are trending time and again with hashtags #StayStrongSidhart #WeStandByAsim.

Asim Riaz vs Sidharth Shukla: Analise who is right and how others are using the situation!

Sidharth Shukla and Azim Riaz the fans favorite for most of the season. Known for the unbreakable bond they used to share on-screen. Negative or positive, they used to decide where the show would go. It is really difficult to tell when the sparks started because what we see on screen is just 1/24th of the show. From being the greatest brothers to becoming foes here’s what went down in Asim Riaz vs Sidharth Shukla:

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Siddharth Shukla is an Indian television actor and model from Mumbai. He made his acting debut in the 2008 Sony TV show Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na which was a moderate success. He is known for his roles in shows Love U Zindagi, Balika Vadhu and Dil Se Dil Tak. Sidharth who is is hands down more recognized and established than Asim. Asim Riaz, an Indian Model who tasted stardom after entering the house of Bigg Boss, and is yet to taste it.

Here is a brief analysis of what happened Asim Riaz vs Sidharth Shukla:

  • Sidharth is a very strong personality who doesn’t let anyone say a word when he is pumped. The fight took off when Sidharth Shukla blames Asim for their loss in the task.
  • Asim who later in the Weekend Ka Waar was given a compliment by Salman Khan on his week.
  • The fight seemed to settle when Sidharth hugged and tried to nullify the distance.
  • But the worst was yet to come, in the next task when Shehnazz was a bride, on the topic of fruits the biggest war of the season took off. Along them covered all the housemates as wildfire.
  • Then both of them were seen fighting with each other using an abusive tone and language. Which gave rise to the topic of Asim Riaz vs Sidharth Shukla.

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Verdict on Asim Riaz vs Sidharth Shukla

Sidharth was seen pushing Asim

Sidharth was seen pushing Asim like a mad man. He was using force at its peak which could, in turn, have resulted in serious injury! From taking wrong about Asim’s career, his parents and family, Sidharth is a clear culprit of the fight. Sidharth against rules of Bigg Boss i.e. no physical violence, using his huge body could be seen using a traumatizing amount of force against that young Lad. As quoted by Salman Khan it is a shame that Colors and Bigg Boss team didn’t take a stand against physical violence.

Social media verdict:

To be fair social media is equally divided into half. Both Sid and Asim are trending time and again with hashtags #StayStrongSidhart #WeStandByAsim.
Heres how people are reacting:

Asim Supporters:

Sid Supporters:

Latest Posts:

How other contestants are dealing with this situation:

Negatives (Using the fight in their favor):

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Shehnaz gill attitude

It could be seen a majority of contestants are now involved in this tiff. Paras is making the most out of the situation and could be seen planning and plotting. Mahira and Paras both are trying to befriend Sidharth because he is considered to be the channel’s favorite.

Shehnaz Kaur Gill is a popular model and actress who mainly works in Punjabi Film and Music Industry. Shehnaz could be the reason for the fight in the first place. She can be seen multiplying the differences by using provocative examples.


Rashmi, Devoleens, Hindustani Bhau, Vishal are neither promoting nor trying to solve the problem.

Positives but only on one side:

Himanshi and Shefali could be seen showing the mirror to Asim and giving him the right advice. But they are not confessing the same to Sidharth. The reason could be Sidharth himself. He is so ill-mannered that if someone is not taking his side he would be so disrespecting and loud.

rashmi sidharth asim Asim Riaz vs Sidharth Shukla


Arti could be seen speaking the truth to both parties. She is the only person who is trying tough to solve the difference.

And of course, Salman Khan in the Weekend ka War could be seen showing the mirror to both of them and very precisely telling both of them their blunders. Salman lashes out at Sidharth Shukla. Salman tells Asim and Sidharth they can get into a physical fight. The result will be their ouster from the show. He frequently asks them to keep quiet. He tells Shukla that he shouldn’t take advantage of his built.