Yo Yo Honey Singh Old Songs List & Video, Best Old Songs of Honey Singh

He studied music at the Trinity school of U.K. He started his career as a recording artist. Honey Singh is the music director of many famous albums like Peshi, The Beat, Suma, Rebirth, The next Level, Lockup, the beginning and many more albums like this.

Yo Yo Honey Singh Old Songs list & video, Best old songs of honey Singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh Old Songs video reminds his fan of the days when hip-hop started spreading in the country. Honey Singh Old Songs list consists of songs like Dope Shop, Get Up Jawani, Yaar Bathere, Angreji Beat and more. Listening mere names of Best old songs sung by Honey Singh brings a nostalgia. Though Honey is still making breathtaking music, his fans still love to listen straight up, confident Honey Singh from a decade ago.

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2. Background: How Honey Singh set foot in Bollywood
2.1 Dope Shope (First Major Bollywood Project)
3. Yo Yo Honey Singh Old Songs list
4. Yo Yo Honey Singh Old Songs Video

Honey Singh was producing Punjabi music before he set his foot in Bollywood. Honey Singh entered Bollywood with a tremendous fan following in Punjab

Playlist of Best old songs sung by Honey Singh :

Best old songs of Honey Singh background: Honey Singh set foot in Bollywood

Honey Singh Old Songs

Known for his funky beats and bold lyrics. Honey sing was active in Bollywood after 2012. Before he was composing and rapping in Pollywood or Punjabi Film Industry. With his entry in Bollywood, Honey Sing took a transformation. Focusing on songs with more tilt towards commercial success. He was first noticed for his debut song in the Bollywood film Shakal Pe Mat Ja, featuring Gagan Sidhu. Following this, he charged Rs. 7 million for a song in the film Mastan.

He officially made his debut in a huge Bollywood project cocktail, with the song Dope Shope. That song without a doubt multiplied his presence million times. Then there was no looking back for our favorite Hip Hop Artist Yo Yo Honey Singh. He was instantly noticed by box office king Akshay Kumar and released songs like Party All Night and Hookah Bar. Then he worked with numerous Bollywood personalities like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Neha Kakar. Here we will present you with Honey Singh Old singles before his entry in Bollywood.

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Dope Shope:

His official entry in Bollywood. This song was accepted by both new and old Honey Sing Fans. The vibe of the song was very identical to how Honey Sing always made music. So this is included in our list of Best old songs sung by Honey Singh.

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Yo Yo Honey Singh Old Songs Video:

1. Yaar Bathere ( Released: 2011, Genre: Pop, Album: Alfaaz )

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2. Panga (Artist: Diljit Dosanjh & Honey Singh, Album: The Next Level Released: 2009)

3. Haye Mera Dil (Artists: Yo Yo Honey Singh & Amanjot Singh Panwar, Album: The Biggest Desi Bhangra Hits Vol. 5, Released: 2013)

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4. Jatt Soorme (Artists: Yo Yo Honey Singh & Garry Hothi, Release date: 22 January 2009 Genre: Pop)

5. Angreji Beat ( Artist: Yo Yo Honey Singh Featured & Gippy Grewal, Later featured in Cocktail, Released: 2011)

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6. High Heels ( Artist: Jaz Dhami & Yo Yo Honey Singh, Later featured in Ki & Ka, Released: 2012

7. Lak 28 ( Artists: Yo Yo Honey Singh & Diljit Dosanjh, Album: Lak 28 Kudi Da, Released: 2011)

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8. Zanjeer – The Game Changer

9. Get Up Jawani (Album: International Villager, Singer: Yo Yo Honey Singh & Badshah)

10. Breakup Party