Best online video streaming platforms in India

With so many options it's quiet confusing to choose, so have a look at each of them.

Here you will find the list of on-demand-video streaming websites which have a tight hold on the Indian Market and have been offering rich content to its viewers.


One of the oldest in the market Netflix is very popular in the worldwide market for its original content and it’s been partnering with Indian channels like AIB to publicise their platform ever since they stepped into the Indian market. It’s offering a lot of choices, TV series like Breaking bad, Sherlock etc which are among the top series that aired or are being aired on television.And to make big in India with such a large population Netflix is trying hard to merge with the Indian television and movie industry.

Bright starring Will Smith, House of cards are big names Netflix has to offer.

Amazon Video (aka Prime Video):

Amazon got entry into online video-on-demand a bit late as compared to Netflix but being one of the subsidiaries of Amazon we would expect much more from it. It was released about 11 years ago but it came to India just 2-3 years before with benefits expanding to the e-commerce website AMAZON too. Ever since its paying a lot of attention India with next to next amazon prime originals starring big names of Bollywood A-listers like Richa Chadda, Vivek Oberoi starring in Inside edge, then starring R Madhavan in Breathe and much more.


Hotstar is an Indian digital and mobile entertainment platform launched in February 2015 by Star India. It was widely used during IPL broadcast with primarily focussing on making the TV content available on the internet. It’s having a pro membership with which we can enjoy TV series like game of thrones etc.


Who is not aware of youtube nowadays with so many potential viewers and creators youtube lets anyone create their content and partners with them to display advertisement and split the profit. Which creates income for the publishers. It is the most used on-demand-video platform in India, with most of its content free except some Youtube Red originals.



With Jio, the first to introduce live tv to mobile app became a household name. With most subscribers connected in INDIA to a digital platform, it brings all the channels to the user on a small app. At a very low cost of Rs 99 per year. So well played Jio.

These were some big names but now after such an advancement in the internet usage in the country many new ventures are being started. From big companies to small creators everyone has something to offer to the internet subscribers, most of them being free and have been wishing to be profited by using advertisements on the sites.

Source : Quora

Here is the list of new or small ventures present on the internet:

1. TVF

2. SonyLIV

3. Voot

4. Arre