We all have nights when we are unable to sleep. So here are some tips to kill time during those sleepless nights.

1. Go outside:

  • Have a walk:

    walk nightWalking is very beneficial for both physical and mental health. It is a proven fact that walking improve your mood, balance, and coordination thereby helping you to relax. And when your body is relaxed you tend to not just have sleep but a better sleep.

  • Stare the stars:

    Nature provided us with such a pretty sky and during the nights it is even better. If it’s not a cloudy day you’ll surely find something up there to soothe your body and make you feel sleepy.

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2. Go bother someone:

bother someone

It’s a proven fact. If you can’t sleep then don’t let your sibling have a good night sleep. Bothering them will make you feel much better and the more you bother the happier you’ll be.

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Take some tips:

  1. Call your friend and have a video call.
  2. Go to your sibling room and scare them.
  3. Plan a prank.
  4. Blank call someone.

3. Find and listen to new music:

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new music

Rather than listening to the same old songs, again and again, find something new and listen to it. It will make your brain involve in listening to new lyrics or tune rather than making you stare the walls.

reading magazines night4. Books and Magazines:

One should always have some reading material on the side table. If you are not in the mood to read something, just turn on the side lamp and just go throw magazines.

5. Make a blog or read someone else’s blog:

Even if no one is reading what you are writing it is a good practice to write blogs. Writing blogs will improve your hold on the language and come handy in the long run. And it is a really good way to kill time and invest your time in something productive. If you are not having your own blog, go and read someone else’s blog.

6. Watch videos online and surf social media:

watching videos on mobile in night

  • Well, it is not suggested to stare at the phones in the light but actually, it is not the phone which bothers your eyes it is the color tone that is bothering them. So do turn on the night mode before surfing youtube videos and enjoy the work of new creators.
  • Another way to kill time is to surf through social media platforms.

7. Write a song or rap:

pen paper rap

Go old school this time rather than opening your phone and writing down stuff. Take a pencil and a sheet of paper and write whatever comes to your mind. This will surely make you feel more sleepy in no time!

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And do share what you have written with your friends the next day.

8. Cook and eat:

Food has direct connections with your brain. And cooking something for yourself is a good practice. It sends positive vibes to your brain. You will find yourself much more relaxed.