Make big on YouTube! All software required for YouTube

All the required software to make best out of youtube.

Here is the list of best editors for YouTube ie YouTube editors. These are categorized according to the user’s experience level. We have done all the research, so just blindly follow the list I guarantee you will find it the best for you!
There might be paid and free versions of the software. These software are easily available on torrent but I don’t suggest that. You can go for the free or trial versions first.

  • Beginners

For those who are new to editing a media file.

Video editor

  • Filmora

Also known as Wondershare Filmora, This video editor software is quite simple to use. It has a simple interface with most of the tools on the screen itself. We can add different media files, text, effects, and much more with just a single click. This is the software for you to begin a new Carrie on YouTube, no need to go for any other software.


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  • Advance

You have previous knowledge about editing and have some experience then you must go with the below combination.

Video editor

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

This is well-known software with a big name in the market. It is considered best video editor software for windows in the market. With a huge team backing up the updates it is 99% crash proof, but if you are starting new on the software, you might find it complex. It would be better if you take some video tutorial before using it for the first time.

2.  Final Cut

Final Cut

It is for the apple lovers, this software is available only on iOS and performs very smoothly, with minimal lags. It is used by many big YouTube’s like GEEKY RANJIT, MKBHD etc.

Audio editor

If you want to make big on YouTube you must take special care of your audio through the above software, it does quite a job on audio too but following are some dedicated audio editors.

1. Mixcraft


It is very helpful software with a lot of customization which is quite easy to perform.

2. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition

It is another software from Adobe so it has to be the best in the market. Adobe is a name that you can trust but it will require a prior knowledge to use this application.

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Screen Recorder

(Same for advance and beginners)

Yes, it is very important to have a screen Recorder, some dedicated software can be used for broadcasting also.

  • Bandicam

Bandicam software

This is the best broadcasting and screen recording software, the software is quite stable and one can use it without any prior knowledge.

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