5 People, girls feel safe around the most

To tackle bad situations, Learn self-defense and have a sound sleep.

We all are aware of the fact, that how polluted our society has become over time. With increasing percentage of woman crime day by day, it is very difficult to trust someone. But still, it is absolutely necessary to have faith in someone. Be it your family, friends, relatives etc.

We all owe an apology for these conditions.

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So here is a list of people that one feels safe around, though there may be people corrupted in between, according to many surveys these are the most trusted people during a bad time:

1. Police

In spite of media depicting cops to be disrespectful it not always true. When someone is in trouble one always looks for someone wearing “khaki”.

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2. Family: Parents and Brother

There are some exceptions, but a child with good parents always feels safe to see their parents when they are facing some trouble. Especially, girls usually share their problems with their brother before telling their parents.

3. Best Friend

Having best friends around you will make you feel much more comfortable to wander around.

4. Teacher

It is actually true that after parents the most important person in someone s life is their teacher. And students having a good teacher are blessed.

5. Sardar aka someone wearing a turban

In a survey, it is found that girls feel safe around Sikh as compared to other religion. They deserve a round of applause for that.

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To tackle any bad situations, girls or anyone for that matter must take charge of themselves. Learn some self-defense to have a sound sleep.

“Till then be safe and enjoy your life, cause there is nothing like an afterlife.”
by Pushp Sood