Salman Khan: Huge support from kids

Many kids were seen crying on the social media for Salman Khan after the verdict dropped. Have a look yourself

Salman Khan Being Human

Salman Khan has been ruling the cinemas worldwide for more than a decade now. And still showers prominent roles in movies. With his work, he has made his place in heart of all the generations. Especially kids.

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Salman Khan kids

Salman Khan along with his brand Being Human is helping kids fight different diseases. When the court gave Salman Khan sentence of 5 years, the adults somehow managed to control their emotions, but kids from all over India mourned for him.

Have a look how some kids reacted after the hearing:

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Former Bigg boss winner also took to social media and shared the reaction of his niece:

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We hope that these kids soon come to know that Salman Khan has got bail in blackbuck poaching case, and might leave Jodhpur jail this evening.