Boring Lecture Survival, How to Survive Boring Lectures in School/College

A boring class is a nightmare for a student, so read the article to find out how to get your mind relaxed in boring lectures.


We all are aware of the fact that how boring can a college lecture be. Boring lecture survival can be a pain. Passing time in such a boring lecture feels like next to impossible. But we are going to share some tips to change that boring class into a fun time. Find out How to Survive Boring Lectures and what to do in boring lectures.

Table of content for Boring Lecture Survival
1. Smart things you can do to Survive Boring Lectures
2. Games for boring lectures
3. How to stay awake in a boring lecture

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1. Write or draw something on the paper and circulate in the class.

passing chits

Believe me, this old school trick truly kills the bore. Write something about your fellow, and start passing the paper around and the reaction alone that you will see on the faces of your friends will kill your time. Conversate in this new way and make something out of your precious time. Do try this, and you will realize its a fabulous pass time in boring lectures. Here are some things you can do:

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  1. Write a joke and tell your friend sitting adjacent to you to read it and then pass it to the next person. The whole class will have very funny eye contact after they come to know it was your idea.
  2. Express your feeling to the one you always wanted to. It can be your crush, competitor, rival, best friend or anyone.
  3. Make a funny sketch of the teacher and pass it.
  4. Or if nothing else, then just crush a piece of used paper and start throwing it around.
passing chits in class caught by teacher

But make sure that paper doesn’t reach your teacher!

2. Click pictures in the class and send them to the class group.

chatting mobile in class

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Doing this will divert your sleeping brain towards something else. Not just you, it will help your peers to have a good time too. You can come up with hilarious ideas. We are sharing some to get you started. Have a look and ignite that mind to create even more clever ideas:

  • Picture of the lecturer.
  • Weird face made by a friend sitting with you.
  • An instant meme that the boring situation makes us think of.
  • Funny boring lecture videos, memes, jokes from the internet.
  • Share this article in your Group and help us expand.

3. Surf the web and social media.


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If nothing else is working out get your phone from the pocket and start surfing around the web. Mention and tag your friends in some of your favorite memes. You can read some articles on InfoHerd and gain some knowledge.
Though you’ll hardly get caught, make sure not to refer to this website if you get caught. Your juniors need the resources to be kept hidden from the teachers all around the globe.

4. DayDream: Begin your imagination and keep staring at the textbook.

This will require some imagination, that a student has the most.


Daydream, but make sure to sit next to an intelligent student who can help you in case the teacher starts asking you questions. Because some teachers are nightmares if you are sitting blank.

5. Or for a change start listening to your teacher.

Well, the best trick not to get bored is to actually start listening to what the teacher is trying to teach. And trust me, it really helps you in the exams, when you’ll suddenly remember that its the same thing I accidentally heard during a period.
Ask questions, respond to your teacher, sit straight, surprise everyone, make them ask themselves if you are the same person they were previously attending classes with. Impress your teacher, especially the pretty ones.

 Have something to eat in your bag

6. Have something to eat in your bag

Food always helps. The brain loves when it gets some tasty snacks. So carry some packets chips, nuts to the class in case you want to indulge your mind into something.

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Eat, Share, Eat. That the best thing ever to do. Make sure the food item you are carrying is really close to your heart. And you thoroughly enjoy eating it. If you take a bitter gourd to the class and complain to us, that won’t be nice of you.

Games for boring lectures:

Here is a list of mobile games you can enjoy in boring lectures. Games will refresh you and make you concentrate better in the coming lectures. There are millions of catchy games you can download and keep on your phone. Make sure to go to the app store to find the best game for you.

Interesting Apps to kill time:

  • Cut the rope
  • Untapped
  • Temple run
  • Angry birds

I would really like to recommend games like PubG, COD (Call of Duty) but it’s extremely hard to play these games without getting noticed from your lecturer. So I’ll recommend you to start with the list above and then slowly and gradually move to these highly interactive and attention-seeking games.

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Still Feeling Sleepy, here are some other things you can try to stay awake:

  • Pull your hair or pinch yourself.
  • Sit near the AC and wear thin clothes.
  • Make paper airplanes, boats, etc.
  • Take notes with your nondominant hand.
  • Take notes in your local language.
  • Read what you want to read not what’s being taught.

What are your secrets on passing time in a boring lecture? Share your thoughts in the comment section and your comment might get featured in the article too.

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