Some tips to survive a boring lecture in college

A boring class is a nightmare for a student, so read the article to find out how to get your mind relaxed in a boring lecture.


We all are aware of the fact that how boring can a college lecture be. And passing time in such a boring lecture feels like next to impossible. But we are going to share some tips to change that boring class into a fun time.

1. Write or draw something on the paper and circulate in the class.

passing chits

Believe me, this old school trick truly kills the bore. Write something about your fellow, and start passing the paper around and the reaction alone that you will see on the faces of your friends will kill your time.

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But make sure that paper doesn’t reach your teacher!

passing chits in class caught by teacher

2. Click pictures in the class and send in the class group.

chatting mobile in class

It can be anything, your lecturer, weird face made by the friend sitting next to you, or an instant meme that boring situation makes us think of.

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3. Surf the web and social media.


If nothing else is working out get your phone from the pocket and start surfing around web. Mention and tag your friends in some of your favourite memes.

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But make sure not to refer to this website if your get caught.

The next to require some imagination, that a student have the most.

4. Start your imagination and keep staring at the textbook.


Daydreaming, but make sure to sit next to an intelligent student who can help you in case the teacher starts asking you questions.

5. The best way is to start listening to your teacher

Well, the best trick not to get bored is to actually start listening to what the teacher is trying to teach.

6. Have something to eat in your bag

 Have something to eat in your bag

The brain loves when it gets some tasty snacks. So carry some packets chips, nuts to the class in case you want to indulge your mind into something.

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What are your secrets on passing time in a boring lecture? Share your thoughts in the comment section and your comment might get featured in the article too.

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