College teaches us various aspects of life. It is the place where kids change into men and women. College is the place where one uses all the experience one gains overtime in their life.

But let us discuss how difficult it is to reach the end of college. Here is a list of emotional encounters college students face before passing out from the college:

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1.Leaving parents for the first day:

leaving mom first day of school

Not all of us can remember the time when our parents left us with strangers in our childhood. And how we cried our lungs out watching those strangers around us. But we all must have heard the stories of how we reacted on that day.

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2.Leaving our favourite teachers when the class was upgraded:

We all used to have that our favourite teacher in the class that we loved the most. But after passing that class we merely get time to interact with them.

3.Result days:

result day teacher

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Be it the first result or the result of 12th class, our body was always full of anxiety when we were standing near our class teachers waiting for the end term report card along with our parents.

4.Last day of School:

last day of school

Last days are always bad, aren’t they?

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Leaving our school friends to pursue higher education is very painful but it is a must. That attachment with our school and friends will always remain there deep in our heart.

Along with that most of us have to leave our parents and live alone!

5.Leaving college mates:

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Emotional encounters in the life of college students

In college we never know how the time passes, years pass like hours and days like seconds. And finally, that day comes when we have to leave our friends and move ahead. If you’ll still look at the group photos that you clicked on the last day, your eyes will fill with tears.