Loud laugh: Avengers memes surfacing Indian social media

Salman Khan, SRK, Krrish are busy so avengers approaching Shaktiman.

Avengers is amongst the most celebrated Hollywood movie franchise that is released in Indian cinemas. With a spectacular success of prior flicks, it is always a delight to watch our favorite superheroes protect the Earth. But This time the series got even bigger. With new superheroes joining the Marvel Universe like Doctor Strange, Black Panther etc the Indian audience is too much excited.

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Have a look at the Hindi trailer dropped recently:

But one thing which is still missing is the presence of Indian superheroes in the trailer. 

But Indian fans are delighted to see how the firangi superheroes are approaching our desi heroes on social media. And how some of them are so busy to go fight. Not just superheroes like Krrish, Flying Jatt, but SBI i.e. State Bank of India and Modi Ji are being approached too.

So here are some ” Avengers memes ” that are surfacing the social media platforms that are giving us a good belly laugh.

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