List of must watch Hollywood series ever made

Best of Hollywood at one place, Here you will find the best series that were made by Hollywood.

With so many options to go for, here is the list of some of the series that Hollywood made that audience all over the world enjoyed the most. There is no particular order in the list.

1. Batman trilogy


There are many who haven’t watched the movie, they will say we don’t trust in all this rubbish but let me tell you all the Batman trilogy directed by none other than Christopher Nolan is heaven to eyes. With breathtaking visuals, this trilogy is a must watch.

2. Marvel Movies

Iron man

Consider all the series like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor etc.

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Avengers, Iron Man, Thor etc are our favorite heroes, and one feels disconnected when their friends are discussing the franchise with us having no idea. So just call that guy with all movies on his hard drive and just go with the flow and watch all the movies made by the MARVEL.

3. Fifty Shades

Fifty shades

Well, this movie takes the viewers IN a different dimension itself. With such breathtaking visuals, this sex thriller is a journey of its own. With such a twisty plot it doesn’t feel cringy at all and it has managed to have a success too. The reason why we got the next parts back to back.

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4. Hunger games

Hunger games

This is another epic starring Jennifer Lawrence is a very interesting story which makes the audience thrive for more. You’ll know once you will finish watching the series.

5. Alien series


This space thriller just makes the earth feel smaller. with the movie Prometheus and then alien convent they made us doubt about humans and took us to a universe not known to any living being.

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6. Fast and Furious

Fast and furious

This action series starring Vin diesel and late Paul Walker is a fantastic movie to watch with your friends. So, pack your bags and watch the movies.

7. Harry Potter

Harry potter

Though many have seen the movie in some bits, trust me to follow the whole story and you will have roller coaster feelings throwout the franchise with a very gripping plot of magician it is among the best stories that ever got filmed.

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8. Hobbit and Lord of Rings


Well, how can we explain the princess of these films, with the lord of rings winning Oscars to hobbit winning the hearts of the viewers those films are literally must watch.

9.The Divergent Series

The divergent

I cannot explain much about the movie. You’ll know once you will watch the movie.

10. The Godfather

The godfather

It is seen as one of the finest series ever made in the hoister of cinema. The catching story of a family is s delight to watch.

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11. The hangover

The hangover

This is the only comical series that made the list. There must be something magical in It. With the awesome performance of Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, and Ed Helms it will surely make you laugh days after watching the movies.

12. Men in black

Men in black

I don’t say it often but actually, the Hindi dubbed version which is always aired on the Indian television is actually very good.

13. Star Trek

Star trek

This epic movie picturized on spaceships is very catchy and one wants to love that life wandering in space and fighting evils.

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14. Pirates of Caribbean

Pirates of Caribbean

Jonny Depp made his presence felt in the series with such great storyline. The movie gave justice to all its character and made the audience laugh as  well as appreciate at the actors

Honorable mentions:

  1. Maze Runner

  2. X-Men

  3. Star wars

  4. Mission Impossible

  5. Twilight

  6. American pie

  7. Saw

  8. Jurassic Park

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Do you agree with our list? Please tell us the movie that we missed in the comment section.