Kapil Sharma, king of television with blockbuster TRP’s in all his previous shows is coming with a brand new show on Sony TV. With promos trending on social media platforms all over the nation, Kapil Sharma coming with his new show named ” Family Time With Kapil Sharma “. Kapil in the promo is requesting his maid to give him some daily life requirements. To which she is giving a similar reply i.e. “ Aisa vo bolke gaya hai “.family time with kapilThe promo featured above is having that same theme of SONY TV calling Kapil. And he who is running out of money because of leaving his previous show is flying hight whenever Sony calls him.

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In the previous promos when Kapil wanted to take the auto, he gets a call from Sony and Kapil gets in back on track.

There is a news coming that the Sony TV’s new show Family Time With Kapil Sharma will get featured on the channel after the ending of ongoing reality dancing show SUPER DANCER. Which is planned to go off air on 24th March.

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So brace yourself for those tickling jokes made by him. Even something serious said by him sounds humorous to the nation. It will be interesting to know the cast of the show too, let us see if there will be some retentions or he will come up with new faces.

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kapil sharma show cast

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Till then wait for MARCH 24, and tell your grandparents that their favorite comedian Kapil Sharma is returning.